Tracey has been doing energetic work for over 25 years on many levels. She has studied and worked with a number of teachers in several different healing modalities. Tracey relies heavily on her intuition to help formulate a plan for healing. During her sessions, she is able to assist and hold space for each client — which allows the healing process to begin in a very safe environment.

Some of the techniques provided:

  • Energetic Chakra Clearing & Balancing
  • Reiki (both people and animals)
  • Home or Business Clearing
  • Spiritual Restoration
  • Death Rites & Dying

If you are looking for someone who works with love and compassion on all levels, she will guide you with Direction, Love, Support & Healing. Tracey is available for workshops, one on one consultations over the phone or in person.

Book a complimentary get to know you session of 15 minutes!